Want The Exact Secrets I Use To Create Facebook Ads That Make Me Ksh 100-150K A Month?

Introducing “The Facebook Advertising Blueprint”

Dear Entrepreneur,
The year 2020 had been a tough year for many businesses here in Kenya after Rona hit. Customers have become scarce, even as profit margins keep shrinking. Still, a few businesses thrived (and some even expanded) despite these economic hardships. How did they do it? The simple answer is that these businesses know how to attract and retain customers

Hello am Joseph Muhalya, Facebook & Instagram Ads Consultant, Founder of MOBE, Facebook and Instagram Ads Agency.

Am also the Owner Of Coachify, a full service digital marketing and training company, businesses which have built from scratch using the power of social media and digital marketing strategies.

I am going to tell you about a simple, inexpensive, yet highly effective strategy that you can adopt immediately if your goal is to run a profitable business. I am talking about Facebook and Instagram Ads – the cheapest yet most targeted form of advertising. Stay with me and you will never have another day of zero sales ever again.

I am guessing this is probably not the first time you find a guy telling you that Facebook Ads will get you more customers. See most people think that Facebook Ads is a game of guesswork. So they get lucky once or twice and then they will hit a brick wall. I know because I have been there. But that’s not how to do it. There are guidelines that must be followed for you to succeed. These guidelines (secrets) have brought me tons of customers for the products and services that I sell. So why should you listen to me?
Over the years I’ve spent more than a million shillings on Facebook Ads.

I can confidently say that over time, I’ve learnt what works and what doesn’t when it comes to Facebook Advertising. For the first time, I am going to share my secrets with a few serious business people. I have compressed all my experience into 3 valuable secrets that you too can take advantage of to get customers consistently and predictably. I have never shared my secrets with anyone before. It will therefore be wise of you to pay attention.But will this really work for me?”
As long as you run a business, your goal is to get more customers, the secrets I’m sharing will work for you. In fact, just to prove that this works, I went out and applied these 3 secrets to other businesses.. Have a look at what some of my clients – had to say. 

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The challenge is that many small business owners are not be able to pay the Ksh 10,000 – 30,000 monthly that I charge for my advertising services. Every other day I get emails and calls from business people who want me to help them find customers. However when we get to the “charges” part of the discussion, the mood quickly changes. So I figured I should come up with a guide that will help everyone and anyone who is committed to the growth of their business. You know why? Because with the level of competition out there, if you do not advertise you will die. Well not you per se but your business.But what if I’m completely green when it comes to Facebook advertising?”

Can you create a new post on your Facebook Business Page? Can you find the BOOST button? Then congratulations. You are good to go. You do not need to be a computer guru to create an ad on Facebook. The challenge lies not in creating an ad, but in creating an ad that actually gets you customers. If you’ve been concerned in the past that you just can’t succeed with Facebook Ads, I want to put those fears to rest. You can do this. You just need an experienced person to show you the way.
Pay attention because these secrets are going to transform your business.So what are the 3 secrets?
1. The Hook

Ever gone fishing? Me neither. But I know that you need a hook to catch fish. The concept applies in advertising. The first thing you want to do when advertising is to HOOK your audience. The idea is to immediately stop them on their tracks and get them to pay attention. Remember, the person casually scrolling through Facebook is there to laugh at memes and catch up with friends, not to read ads. If you do not hook your audience immediately, they won’t read the rest of your post. 

In the guide I share the 3 components of a good hook that you should use to grab peoples’ attention. Remember the miracle where Jesus filled his disciples’ boat with fish?

2. Sell the Sizzle not the steak
Surprise surprise! Customers don’t care about all the wonderful features of your product. Okay a few people do but you do not create demand by talking about features. The sizzle is what gets prospects excited enough to pull out their wallets. In the guide I’ve simplified all this and shared two words that you should start using immediately every time you talk (or write) about your product or service. The interesting thing is that you might be selling the same exact product as the next guy, but these 2 simple words will make your product or service stand out and get noticed. That’s how you get customers. 

3. Finding your Target Audience

Target advertising is the biggest advantage of Facebook advertising. Remember, of all social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram has the highest number of users.

The fact that you can present your products or services to people who are already interested is hugely advantageous ( I will share with you how to create a re-targeting ad).

But you’re probably failing with Facebook ads because you pick your targets from the top of your head. Guessing is a sure way of failing.

In the guide I share an easy to use targeting tool that will take all the guesswork out of your targeting.

You will know exactly who to target and get the best ROI out of your Facebook Ads.

Bonuses for you
1. I will share a little known targeting option that will absolutely blow your mind. This single targeting option has made me hundreds of thousands since 2017.

2. If you are concerned that you are not creative enoughI’ve shared the 3 things that you should talk about to ensure your ads appeal to your prospects.

3. You will get direct access to me. You will be able to Call/Whatsapp me and I will personally respond to any questions you may have regarding Facebook advertising. 

4. I will take your email address and add you to my mailing list. That means you will be the first to know about new trends, what’s working, what’s no longer working and much more that pertains to Facebook Advertising. 

Here’s how you can started right away
 It will cost you Ksh 500 to get the Facebook Advertising Blueprint (145pages). Why Ksh 500? 

1. Well in less than 30 minutes you’ll get to know what’s taken me over 5 years to learn. 

2. In less than 3 hours you will be able to create ads that will immediately start bringing you more customers. You will be able to link Whatsapp Business, Instagram with Facebook page.

3. You’ve probably wasted much more money by creating ads through guesswork. 

4. I have clients that find it profitable to pay me monthly retainers for my advertising services ( Ksh 18,000 to 30,000 ). You are getting all this knowledge for only a fraction of the cost. Look, I want you to prosper. That’s how I’ll earn my blessings and business referrals.

By the way, I’m always spending money on online courses and books. Here’s the thing… if you can’t learn you can’t earn. The more you LEARN the more EARN.

Here’s how you can get the Facebook Ads Blueprint
Payment is through Mpesa:

1. Send Ksh 500 to Buy Good/services Till Number 317069 (MOBE)

2. Follow through with a Whatsapp message click here to automatically open on Whatsapp.

3. I will send you the guide right away with 5 More Bonuses all in pdf formats including:

  • 137 Instagram Ads Templates
  • Lead Generation-Facebook Ads
  • Facebook Ads Templates
  • The DO’s and DON’Ts of Facebook Ads
  • Facebook Ads Custom Audience Guide

The guides include diagrams and drawings with step by step Facebook Ad Campaign Creation Process

If you been looking for someone to handle your Facebook and Instagram Ads, we can hook up and have a meeting over coffee. Phone: 0728593851

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I bet you will wish you got this information at the beginning of the year. Time is of the essence

There’s only one of me. That means that I cannot be able to help everyone no matter how good my intentions are. Once my plate is full, I will not be able take in any more people.

So you can choose to be take action right now and turn your business around, or you can choose to do nothing and nothing will change. It’s all up to you.

Thank you for taking time to read this letter.

I wish you success in your business endeavors. If you have any inquiries, you can reach me click here to automatically open on Whatsapp.

Be blessed!